Don't Try and Block Out the Sun

from by Holdfast



Don't try and block out the sun
Somebody put it there for everyone
And if you block the party beams, who will have the fun?
Don't you go and block the sun

Don't go and nail down the trees
They may get angry and kill all the bees
then we'll have no honey for to drip into our teas
Don't you go and nail the trees

You can break me, I don't mind
I got love and love's got time
Hate me, crash my dreams
This world's so much more than this world seems
And break me. defeat me. It's ok.
'Cause I don't want to play the game

Don't leave the children behind
They've got the hearts and the beautiful minds
'Cause if we let them down, they won't come around
Then we won't be so divine

You've got a problem Mr. Delune
Oh no, you fancy that it's winter, when it's probably June

Go out and seize all that day
Go find a forest, frolic and play
And if they think you're crazy, you're going the right way
I think you're going to be ok.


from Like the Sun, released January 11, 2011



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